I don’t think that it has ever been as clear, as trying to get a cell phone in Merida, how important it is to make sure you make it easy for you customers to buy your products.

The cell phone saga all began when our real estate agent said ,while looking at our house ,”Just go to Sanborn’s to get your cell phone, they speak English.”

Now, in the states, I would take that at face value and head to Sanborn, however while in Mexico, I learned it’s always best you have a back up plan.

So I talked to a friend whom we had met ( which is a whole other blog post that I am going to have write about) that is from the states and speaks Spanish.

I figured with Ron knowing the native language this would be a breeze, but, um, not so much.

After what seemed like a decade ,with Ron taking to the clerk and making a number of calls, (it is now required that all cell phones must be registered with a Mexican is and that is a little hard if your are not Mexican) we were told we would have to go to a Telcel store and, of course ,there are none in Centro .

The closest is at the mall outside of town. It took us another entire day before we finally had our phones. I am just glad we got them before we boarded the plane for home.

The lesson learned: Make sure you evaluate the process a client has to go through to purchase your books, services or products. It can be the difference between a sale and an empty shopping cart.