Are you a back stabber? Spin back stabbing stories to news we can use. How about ‘back stabbing’ tips to relieve knots, shoulder pain and tight traps? Watch this hilarious online video, “60 Second Stretches to Get Knots from Shoulders, Upper Back and Traps” from Bob and Brad (self-declared) the most famous physical therapists on the internet.

The stories we share shape our lives. I brand myself as the “storyteller to the media’ because I’m clear, I wake up every day ready to tell a new story to the media full of tips to further our health, our careers and family life. Are you telling or listening to stories that make a difference to your life? If you’re seeking media attention, be sure to focus on health, wealth and love angles too. If you think about it, most of the stories you care about have one of those elements.

The media must cover breaking news and often – when space allows – they seek seasonal story angles, too. So combine health, wealth and love with breaking or seasonal news angles and you’ve got a winner. Now, it’s summer time so for sure short lead media are seeking body health when everyone is outside playing, going on vacation and using their bodies. Long lead media, like glossy magazines, are writing December and January issues so even they need health tips for holiday time and New Year’s resolutions. Remember to sprinkle in humor, too. Like Bob and Brad’s video, humor makes the medicine “go down.

Here’s to more health, wealth, and love stories! What will you share?