You know they say a picture’s worth a thousand words. In this case, I’d say a whole back-story to boot. My husband and I snapped this shot while on vacation this past August in Salida, CO. Indeed it’s a dog, rat and cat walking down main street. We could not believe our eyes and if we hadn’t been on our way back home, I would have tracked down this guy and asked him how he trained his pets to not hurt each other. Brotherly love. We took so many photos on vacation. Connect to me via Facebook to see all the photos we took while living in Crested Butte CO for a month. Also, to see all the photos from my clients, visit Search Press Kits where I keep all the PR ”ducks-in-a-row” so my contacts have instant access to broll, photos, news and story ideas. And if you’re looking to work with the media, do them a favor and gather all your high resolution images and video before pitching them. Once they have interest in your ideas, they will need a photo too ~ afterall, they’re worth a thousand words (and then some).  Speaking of, here’s another photo from vacation. We took our husky, Lou Lou up a tram at Monarch Pass. She LOVED it! Yup, a thousand words.

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