IIDA and PitchRate.com partner to make it easier than ever to grow business


It’s partnerships that really allow business to thrive, not just in tough economic times but all the time. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with the International Interior Design Association, or  IIDA!

PitchRate.com plans to help IIDA : PitchRate.com is free PR for IIDA members and their businesses. Journalists in all facets of the media from television, radio and magazines to less traditional outlets such as podcasts and blogs, use PitchRate.com to find sources for their stories. By signing up with PitchRate.com as an expert source IIDA members position themselvs as knowledgeable experts, and in so doing gain name recognition. They become the go-to source for their niche. How does this help members? Think about what Oprah did for Nate Berkus – enough said!

Not only will PitchRate.com be a source for media leads, they also offer help in preparing you to meet the press. By taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as webinars, PR happy hours and daily tips through Twitter, they provide a wealth of timely information and media training to help IIDA members, and all PitchRate.com members – shine. PitchRate.com is a web-based service so all these resources are available 24/7, accessible on your schedule.

How it works:  PitcRate.com is a free web-based service. Creating an account is a simple process, after which you’ll begin to receive daily emails with journalist requests. When you’re ready to respond to a request, or make a pitch, you simply click on the request in the email. This will take you to a web page where you can type in your pitch, hit send and you’re done. It’s that simple.

While PitchRate.com is a web-based company, that doesn’t mean real people aren’t available to guide members and answer questions. Shannon Nicholson, company vice president and your personal media concierge, is Tweeting as @PitchRate. Follow him – he’s at the ready, waiting to answer your questions in 140 characters or less (Twitters max). If you need more than 140 characters of guidance, Mr. Nicholson has said the phone number on the PitchRate.com website “is like the Bat Phone, it goes straight to my desk”, no aggravating automated messages.

PitchRate.com is using cutting edge technologies to help IIDA become the future of design and IIDA is excited about the opportunities this new partnership offers its’ members!

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