We are so transfixed with other people. Our news today almost feels like an instant peep show. I mean “people show.” The same kind of feeling you get watching people at the mall or an amusement park. I love watching people. When I was at the Youth Performing Arts High School in Louisville, our drama teacher, William Bradford II encouraged us to watch how people walk. People lead with their heads, bellies, feet or chest. It’s amazing how peeps do it.

And that makes for news angles.

Watch the peep show on Google News to find your lead. I reported yesterday about Rachel Dolezal in my blog entry, “It’s Black and White,” and predicted her story to be a major news hook. Boy, is it heating up in social media. #AskRachel

The untold story (which will be told next) is why the parents tattled on their child. This makes for great fodder for any parenting expert or specialists dealing with family dynamics. Don’t forget, this family adopted black children from Haiti so if you have expertise or first-hand experience in adoption and raising biological children with adopted children, the media would like to hear from you.

In other news, there are other peeps putting on a show. Jeb Bush is also spilling family secrets as he focuses on the presidential election, Pope Francis calls for us peeps to save the planet, and Orange is the New Black’s Laverne Cox says she doesn’t want Caitlyn Jenner-style surgery.

Oh, there’s more. There’s always more peep shows on the Internet. Pick your lead and put on your show!