I recently had a great interview with WomenEntrepreneur.com. Lena West and I talked about social networking and how to make a difference with a the personal touch. Here’s a repost of the article:


Social networking offers endless potential for entrepreneurs to promote and build their business online. But savvy businesses should remember “social” is just as important as “networking” when it comes to using tools like Twitter and LinkedIn, marketing expert and entrepreneur Drew Gerber says.

“While the new social networking tools are a powerful way to reach a lot of people, what really makes a difference is the personalized touch,” says Gerber, CEO of Blue Kangaroo and creator of PitchRate.com.

“It’s a little like that bestselling book by Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten. To be successful with social networking, you have to play well with others.”

Gerber was kind enough to share five tips on how to use social networking tools without forgetting the relationship aspect:

  • Share your goodies: To be successful with social networking, remember to provide valuable information that people can use. Provide 12 things of value for every one thing you are getting back.
  • Take interest in others: Engage with people online just as you would if you were building a business relationship one-on-one. If someone comes in and all she wants to do is promote, promote, promote herself, it doesn’t go anywhere.
  • Be polite: People have a tendency to say things online they would not say face-to-face. Avoid that pitfall, and don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your parents to read.
  • Make sure everyone is included: If you are participating in an online discussion, let other people have a chance to share their ideas and perspectives, and wait your turn.
  • Have fun and be creative: Think of ways you can share information about your product, your business or yourself that are fun and make people want to follow you.

Remember: these tips work because social networking is all about building community.