As CEO of Wasabi Publicity and founder of Press Kit 24/7 as well Pitchrate.com, I’m constantly asked the question “Advertising or PR, which will help grow my business more?”. Unfortunately there’s no simple answer. Each vehicle has decidedly different benefits and each contributes differently to your communication goal.

PR is a less controllable medium than advertising, but it has the power to boost your business’s visibility, building awareness and raising your brand credibility. Mentions in the news and digital media are great because they can be re-purposed and used in press releases, blog posts and even advertising. Its been said that people tend to believe journalists more than advertising. We’ve seen that born out through our clients. Tracy Adler of Yum Yum Dishes has told us` ” I’ve landed several media interviews, including the Associated Press. After each one my internet sales have tripled!”

Using today’s technology there are a number of ways to get good PR. Free services such as Pitchrate.com and HARO help journalists connect with experts in order to write their stories. As a an author with a new book, a business owner or the creator of a new product, these services are invaluable because they place you in front of the public as an expert in your field. Web-based Media Lead Services, Web-based Media Databases and Press Release Distribution Services can also be a huge help in generating a buzz about your company. Not to mention the audience that can be reached through Social Media.

With the availability of these resources at your finger tips, there’s no excuse for not using PR to grow your business.