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With over 20 years of PR experience, Wasabi has helped hundreds of clients successfully bring their book and message to the media. We have developed a proprietary approach to PR that highlights our clients as trusted experts, the go-to resource for the media and an influence in the cultural conversation.

The Right PR Approach for Your Book Launch

Producers and guest bookers prioritize credentials and expertise when choosing people to interview. 

We help authors score the media they desire by weaving their expertise into compelling stories that clearly communicate the value they and their book provide.

If you are looking to launch your book and communicate your unique value with customized and compelling stories, let’s get your book in the news! 

We land our clients TV, radio, print, and online media placements for their book launches across the US, Canada, and UK.

It’s time to leverage your expertise to get your book out into the world!

“Your exhaustive PR campaign had a great deal to do with the popularity of my book, my swelling email list and the 400+% increase in my course signups!”
~ Lynne McTaggart, worldwide bestselling author


Drew Gerber Wasabi

Drew Gerber, CEO, Wasabi Publicity, Inc.

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Case Studies - Stephanie Mackara

Case Study: Financial Socialization Expert and Author, Stephanie Mackara

Objective: Create awareness for her brand and book launch (4-month campaign)

Campaign Summary: Stephanie Mackara came to Wasabi Publicity to support the launch of her book, “Money Minded Families: How to Raise Financially Well Children.” She connected with us about two months before her book launch, which gave us several weeks of outreach and follow-up time to help her launch powerfully.

Results: Using our multiple outreach approaches, we landed Stephanie 30+ placements including:

Case Studies - Stephanie Mackara - the wall street journal
Case Studies - Stephanie Mackara - real simple
Case Studies - Stephanie Mackara - cnbc
Case Studies - Stephanie Mackara - ceo world magazine
Case Studies - Stephanie Mackara - yahoo finance

The Trusted Source to Top Media

We are a trusted source to top media because we take the time to connect them with authors that have something valuable and unique to share with their audience.

Our team’s expertise and hands-on approach to securing targeted media placements is key to getting our client’s books into the hands of their ideal readers, and ultimately making the difference they’re committed to making.

Book PR with Wasabi Publicity

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“WASABI is great to work with, they listen, create a clear compelling press kit and work wholeheartedly utilizing their contacts and beyond to create successful results.”

Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., author of the international bestselling book, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times

“Wasabi Publicity produces more results than the three previous very expensive PR firms I hired COMBINED! And those firms are supposedly the best in the biz.”

Pamela Yellen, best-selling author of Bank On Yourself

“Within 24hrs of signing on with Wasabi PR, I was booked on Dr. Phil, CNN Headline News, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell and more. I am blown away!”

Dr. Jill Murray, author “But He Never Hit Me - The Devastating Cost of Non-Physical Abuse to Girls and Women”

“WASABI Publicity really understands their author, and connects the author to the right outlet! THANK YOU Wasabi TEAM!”

Ilona Selke, international bestselling author

“Wasabi has helped to increase exposure for my brand. Immediately after Wasabi’s eight week training program I used a specific media format provided by Wasabi and landed a TV interview; before then I didn’t have any TV coverage. I was so excited. The leads that Wasabi provides are fantastic and from them I have gotten more radio interviews. Wasabi Publicity does not disappoint!”

Kristine Manley, author of the award-winning book, Resumes for Children - 17 Years Old and Under
Teresa Harlow

“After months pitching myself with slim results, I hired Wasabi Publicity on August 9th and was on TV (Great Day Washington) on September 9th. They certainly produce stronger results faster than I could on my own.”

Teresa Harlow, author, Speaker, Collaboration Champion
Sonia Frontera

“My session with Drew was illuminating and fun. He offers expert advice and constructive criticism with kindness, like a smart friend who wants the best for you. Drew helped me craft winning pitches for an out-of-the-box PR project and critiqued my website’s media room, so I can spruce it up for my next release. A fantastic experience!”

Sonia Frontera, author of Solve the Divorce Dilemma: Do You Keep Your Husband or Do You Post Him on Craigslist?
Case Studies - Anne Grady

Case Study: Resilience Expert and Author, Anne Grady

Objective: Create awareness for her brand and multiple book launches

Campaign Summary: Resilience expert Anne Grady is an author, entrepreneur, and internationally recognized speaker. Anne initially hired Wasabi Publicity for the launch of her first and second books, “52 Strategies for Life, Love, & Work,” and, “Strong Enough: Choosing Courage, Resilience, and Triumph.” We also worked on her newest (2020) book, “Mind Over Moment: Harness the Power of Resilience.”

Results: Using our multiple outreach approaches, we landed Anne 100+ placements including:

Case Studies - Anne Grady - Fast Company
Case Studies - Anne Grady - CNN
Case Studies - Anne Grady - Costco Connection
Case Studies - Anne Grady - Success
Case Studies - Anne Grady - Forbes
Case Studies - Anne Grady - Enterpreneur
Case Studies - Anne Grady - Fox Business
Case Studies - Anne Grady - msn
Case Studies - Anne Grady - Harvard Business Review
Case Studies - Anne Grady - Fortune
Case Studies - Anne Grady - US News

Our Approach

The biggest blind spot authors have when it comes to securing the media coverage they desire for their book is communicating what they want vs. communicating what the media wants. Clearly communicating the difference you make to the media’s audience is essential for a successful PR campaign. Our branding and messaging process compels you to think more deeply and critically about the value you bring, and how to best position your work and book.

Once your message is crafted, we create your online press kit, which is constructed and hosted on our purposefully built, media-friendly technology. Your press kit houses all your media materials in such a way it can be updated by anyone within minutes. Also, it allows you to log in at any time and see exactly what is happening with your campaign.

Once the foundation is laid, we use a multi-tiered media outreach approach to secure the media that would make a difference. Here’s a quick overview of our approach:



We research the media who should know about you from the relationships we have developed over the last 20+ years. We pitch you and your book to your customized media list by leveraging your expertise to ensure you are top of mind in their source list. We not only pitch you via email, but we also follow up with interested media with personal phone calls.



Our team has structures in place to monitor the news daily. We pitch the outlets and contacts who share your commitment and who are having conversations you should be a part of. We target media venues you would love to be featured in, and who should know about you.



We can get up to 100 incoming requests from the media each day. We are standing by on your behalf and when we see a lead that matches your needs, we pitch you and your book, weaving your expertise into what the media is working on. Further, our publicists cross-pitch you while they are conversing with the media.

In today’s crowded marketplace, a multi-tiered media outreach approach is essential to make the difference you are committed to making. We partner with you to:

  • Seed you as a go-to source for the media

  • Research media that should know about you

  • Fulfill the media’s immediate requests

Case Studies - Ken Honda

Case Study: Money and Happiness Expert and Author, Ken Honda

Objective: Create awareness for his brand and book in the US

Campaign Summary: Happy Zen Millionaire, Ken Honda is a best-selling self-development author in Japan, with book sales surpassing eight million copies since 2001. Ken hired Wasabi to publicize his “Happy Money” book in the US.

Results: Using our multiple outreach approaches we landed Ken 200+ placements including:

Case Studies - Ken Honda - Forbes
Case Studies - Ken Honda - Yahoo Finance
Case Studies - Ken Honda - CNBC
Case Studies - Ken Honda - Good Morning America
Case Studies - Ken Honda - Psychology Today
Case Studies - Ken Honda - Buzz Feed

How We Leverage Your Expertise to Powerfully Launch Your Book

Your well-established platform is ready for prime time.

  • You … value genuine discussions about pressing issues.
  • You … are a respected expert in your field.
  • You … have a message that inspires change.

We’ve created a win-win!

  • You get: your book in front of your target audience.

  • The media gets: the value your expertise provides for their audience.

Curious? Let’s take a closer look at how our approach produced results for Anne Grady.

Drew Gerber Wasabi

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