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PR is constantly evolving. In this free strategy call, I will help you refine your strategy and ensure you’re getting the results you desire to contribute and thrive in today’s media landscape.

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We'll dive into your PR efforts and help you create a comprehensive plan that gets you those brag worth media placements that make a difference.

An evaluation of your overall PR strategy to ensure you’re on the right path

Insights on how to leverage current PR trends to produce your desired results

Clarity on how PR fits into your overall marketing plan

Recommendations on the right time to launch your PR campaign

Who We Are

Wasabi Publicity works with people who want to make the world better and are committed to being known as 'THE' expert in a particular field or arena. We strategically position their expertise to land brag-worthy media, broadcast, print, and internet interviews to generate awareness, credibility, and new opportunities.

"Thanks to everyone at Wasabi publicity for their tireless efforts to tell the world about my new book, The Power of Eight, both with traditional and social media! I’m sure that your exhaustive campaign had a great deal to do with the popularity of the book, the swelling of my email list, and the more than quadrupling of people signing up for my courses."

Lynne McTaggart,

award-winning author of seven books including worldwide bestsellers

"Wow… within 24 hours of signing on with Wasabi Publicity, I was booked on Dr. Phil, CNN Headline News, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell and more. I was blown away!"

Dr. Jill Murray,

author and one of the nation’s leading experts on unhealthy relationships

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