How Media Find and Choose Their Sources #BLAB

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Understanding the media is a necessity for any successful PR campaign. Yet the landscape changes, evolves and adapts incredibly quickly. Even though the media’s needs may not change drastically, the way they go about finding and evaluating their sources certainly does. To better understand how the media find and choose their sources, Wasabi Publicity asked [...]

Sparking “Little” Aha Moments

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Explain how to spark aha moments and you'll get media coverage. I'm #SparkingAhaMoments with the White House today. You can too! Read this press release which contains links to children's activities for year-long "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (TODASTW)" experiences. The TODASTW Foundation recently partnered with "Big Brothers Big Sisters of America" (BBBSA) and [...]

Where Ya From?

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I am so excited about Loretta Lynn's new album. She's still a mountain girl and so am I. You see, the reason I love Loretta Lynn so much isn't because I like country music. It's because she and I were both born and raised in Kentucky. I'm the grand-daughter of a miner and well, as [...]

Are You There God? It’s Me, Michelle.

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God makes headlines. If you seek media coverage, take note of the Pope. This week, the Pope and Donald Trump are fighting. But who is Pope Francis to judge? Putting aside the Pope's opinion, Trump made headlines when he misquoted the Bible. The Bible's a great place to read stories about fights. When you see [...]

Lent News

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Yes, today Lent begins, but I'm also dishing out tips on how to get media coverage on "lent news" as in get your angles lent to you. First, let's deal with Lent. I was raised Catholic and if you're like me, musicals, posts and jokes about being raised Catholic put a smile on your face. [...]

Lost In Space

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Zinnia was lost yesterday. I've been missing in action on this blog since December. Blame my absence on an unplugged kayaking vacation in Costa Rica between Christmas and the New Year. Blame Zinnia being lost on the desire to get grass on the other side of the fence. Zinnia is my chicken. Zinnia is also [...]

Get Fit, a Bit

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My new FitBit Charge works a bit and doesn't work a bit. Corporate survival of the fittest games can make for big headlines, like this article in the Wall Street Journal. What new tools are you using today that could get you media coverage? Just write about your experience and share your thoughts on social [...]

Bust A Move

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My mother is visiting me and said this morning, "I'm washing my hands because I just touched the dirty laundry in the hamper and I don't know where you've been." At the same time, the news was on in the background reporting Charlie Sheen's ex-fiancée lawsuit because essentially she didn't know where he had been either. (I [...]


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November 20th, 2015 is Universal Children's Day. So, today I'm choosing to speak about children and my commitments to provide environments that support the full potential growth for them. I bypassed commenting on some news this week because well, the events left me speechless. Let's focus on the positive, though. Children. What I want to [...]